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Paul Quote: "the lecture is billed as “The Mind, Body and Spirit of the Referee.” A bit of a stretch, perhaps, but no harm done. This is still a great cruise." end quote-

...bringing Zen and Eastern'ism to the NFL Referee. I love it! But why not?

When you mention the cruise was billed as "health and wellness", does that mean it was their "theme"? I was on Crystal's website last night looking at their 2010 cruises (BTW the World cruise is a total bargain, rather than piece-cruising!) I noticed that most of their cruises had specific themes, like "Big Band Theme", "Film and Theater", "Ballroom Dancing", etc. I guess what I am curious to know is, do these these themes prevail on the ship? Do the venues support the themes, such as a masquerade ball, dining options appropriate to the theme, etc.? Or is it simply a guest speaker or lecturer who supports that particular billing?

Another question, you mentioned that Julie Andrews was the ship's adopted mom. Does Crystal's other ship have an adopted mom too? I think that's a cool concept.
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