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Default Re: Compensation for Port Changes

Originally Posted by Pootersdad
No, they don't. Read your cruise contract.

Would you have the Captain risk the health of thousands of passengers just to make a port call? Same applies to bad weather. People gripe about missing a port because of a hurricane bearing down on that port. Boggles the mind.

I should give some background. We booked this trip for our 10th anniversary. We selected this trip b/c of the stop in Cozumel as my DH wanted to hike the Ruins in Cozumel.
This was the sole reason for us selecting this cruise. Of course NO ONE had any way of predicting the FLU outbreak. However, the schedule has changed and we have no choice but to accept the situation. However, that does not prohibit me from asking a simple, benign question.

I read the contract prior to posting my question. I NEVER stated nor implied I expected the Captain or RCCL to risk the health of anyone. I had read elsewhere RCCL had INDEED provided perks or credits due to circumstances such as this.

It is very presumptuous of you to make such a statement, that I wish others ill health for our own flights of fancy. It boggles MY mind that you would be so incredibly rude to answer a benign post in such a manner. As we have not cruised before, I came to this message board seeking guidance. Not to receive snarky comments from someone who appears to misdirecting their frustration/anger towards me for asking for assistance. When all I did was asking a question in an attempt to make this trip more pleasant for my DH. I do not expect anything from RCCL. However, as the readers and posters on this board know, cruising is a luxury. One that we will not have the opportunity to repeat often. Thus, I was seeking advice on what I might be able to do to make this situation better for my DH.

I certainly hope when the time comes that you seek assistance/guidance from someone, you are not treated with such disrespect.
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