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Well, the idea of "self debark" was to get those, who didn't mind carrying off their own baggage, off the ship first. No numbers, just que up and leave the ship, carrying their own luggage right after the handicapped, etc. Well,,,IMO,,,now it's nothing but a "cattle call". It seems to me that half the ship tries to line up in the atrium, to stamped off the ship early, and as a result, they jam the lobby, all the stairs, the elevator areas, and it's just a mess. If you want to linger aboard the ship, (I personally think this is an excellent idea,,why get off earlier than necessary, and why fight the self debark crowd) then use the number issued on your checked luggage, and stay aboard until the announcement is made that all passengers must leave the ship. You won't be allowed to linger in the cabin, as the stewards must get them ready for the next sailing, but you can hang out on the lido deck, or in most any of the public areas, (except the atrium). Your luggage will be in the luggage area when you get there, and you'll leave relaxed, and ready to catch that late flight.

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