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Originally Posted by Allycat1913
My rule on kids and dining---if we're in a place where the level of conversation is louder than my kid acting up (Applebees, Chilis, etc.) then don't give me sour looks when my "angel" starts screaming and crawling under the table...
And this, in my opinion, is an excellent rule of thumb. Depends on the cruise ship and on the dining venue. If one is on RCI or Carnival on a cruise where there are a lot of children onboard, you're going to have a very loud decibel level in the dining room, especially during early seating. Now, can anyone truly call that environment "formal" dining? I think not, and I think it's fine to bring your kids there. If they decide to act out, you try to quiet them, but if they can't be quieted ... oh, well ... they'll just blend in with the other twelve toddlers who are screaming at the moment.

I think the problem is that many people consider a cruise ship dining room "formal dining" and thus no place for children. I would disagree with that in some cases. Now, if I go on a luxury cruise, or a primarily adult cruise on Holland America, yes, then maybe I would say the "formal" dining room is no place for a screaming child. But if I go on a main stream cruise line, where there are loads of kids in the dining room, and many of them are speaking in their "outside" voices, then I would truly question whether one can categorize that dining venue as "formal" dining and thus not a place for children.

I think it all depends on the venue as to whether it is "unacceptable" to have young kids there ... yes, young kids who may, God forbid, start to scream or cry. In most cases, I don't consider a cruise ship dining room to be any different than the local Outback or Applebees, and because of that, I have to honestly say that a screaming child should be no problem there. But if I decide to part with the $20 or so bucks and dine in the premium restaurant, a place that specifically is billed as more "elegant," then I would have to say that one table full of screaming kids would definitely ruin the evening for me and annoy me considerably.

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