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The whole concept of self-debarkation was a well meaning thing to start out with. If you were traveling light, say a small suitcase and a carry on, then you could effectively manage to get your own luggage off and be gone, helping yourself as well as helping clear the way for the folks who had more luggage and did the regular disembarkation by numbers.The whole concept was to expedite the disembarkation process.
However, people began to carry off all their worldly possessions, rolling 2-3 suitcases, struggling with a couple carrryon's as well as their computer, etc. etc. etc. As Ken said, and I agree, it's become a cattle call and not much more. People for some reason think they have to be the first on, first off--the old hurry up and wait thing. They jam the stairs, hallways, foyer areas, in spite of repeatedly being told not to do so. Platinum members are supposed to get priority disembarkation.
The last couple of times we were on Carnival, the area set aside for the Platinum members near the main foyer was jammed up with self-disembarkers who could have cared less about anything or anyone except themselves. I wish they would do away with the self disembarkation thingee and go back to using numbers and colors only.
It was a good idea that was ruined by the mobs, as usual.
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