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Originally Posted by Triton
Actually, I don't think so. Our gratuities were pre-paid and we had them removed. They were not added to our account, it is actually the cruise line's policy (this was on Princess). Their only stipulation was, we had to settle this prior to the last full day on the ship. On =X=, we elected to have gratuities added to our account a few times, and other times we passed out envelopes with cash on the day prior to the final day.

Here is a picture of an inner office memo from a Carnival Accounting office, which was sent to me by a pax. You can see that certain guests requested to have the pre-paid gratuities lifted from their account (for whatever reason) and were accommodated.

I just checke the =X= website, and at this time they state gratuities are added on a daily basis and can be modified if the pax chooses.

The Splendor memo was very embarrassing to the cruise line but was an exception. What occurred on that cruise was they eliminated a whole bunch of ports due to the Mexico swine flu problem. They added all at sea days and many passengers decided to leave the ship prior to the finish of the cruise. They made this list apparently of those leaving the ship early who decided to remove the tips and tip on their own because they would be on the ship less days.

What Days at sea stated about prepaid tipping on Celebrity is true. The tips are actually paid prior to the cruise and cannot be removed.


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