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most likely not...........that said, you can always call and ask RCI if they are giving anything such as on board credit...........although i think they would have mentioned this when they notified you (or your TA if applicable).

as this was beyond RCIs control, I wouldn't expect anything at all. I have been on 3 cruises with changed itineraries. The 1st, we wound up trying to avoid hurricane wilma in 2005. we missed a port, subbed another and got maybe an hour of free rum punch and some other drink.

The second, last thanksgiving, we could not arrive to labadee or samana due to high winds and tides...we got a refund of port charges to the credit card (maybe 10 bucks) and the captain took us to grand turk which was nice.

Then, in Feb of 09 we were the 1st cruise on Explorer after the ship's prop was damanged on a reef. We DID receive substantial OBC but we found out about this as we were boarding and we had an adjusted port call and a skipped call. That incident was the fault of RCI hence the credit.

So..while it wouldn't hurt to call and ask, i am afraid that RCI will say, basically, tough luck..."SHIP HAPPENS" as the saying goes.

Honestly, if you want to go someplace and actually GET there (barring some natural disaster) it is best to do a land vacation................

Happy anniversay anyway.......and try to have fun.
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