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Originally Posted by kryos
Originally Posted by katlady
Does the poster think it's okay for her child to splash a passenger at the pool? We made certain my nephew didn't splash people. Splashing passengers at the pool doesn't sound like this actions of a polite and well behaved 7 yr old.
Oh, for God's sake! If you're out by the pool and you get splashed every now and then, is that a life-altering event? Children will be children. They will run around, they will play, and yes ... in a pool they will splash. If adults have a problem with this, then maybe they should be a bit more careful about the cruises they book to ensure booking ones that would likely have fewer children.

I don't like sailing with children. I will be the first one to say this. Because of that fact, I try to be careful with my cruises. I try to take cruises that are either longer ones unlikely to have a lot of children onboard, or I take cruises that run outside of normal vacation periods.

But, even taking those precautions, I have most of the time found myself sharing the boat with at least a few kids, and you know what? Those kids have every bit as much right to be there as I do. They have every bit as much right to have fun at the pool as I do too. And if once in a while I may get splashed, or maybe a beachball finds it's way on my lounger, so be it. That's called having fun and if that bothers me so much, maybe I need to be up in the thermal spa or some other area where children are not allowed.

Just my opinion, but I think some people take their vacations way too seriously. Let the kids have fun too.

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The OP took her child into an adult only area and then allowed the child to splash the adults in the area. These people probably booked a ship with an adult only area to avoid the children. Young child should not be in the adult only areas with or without their parents. Now if I'm at the normal family pool and it happens that is expected and it's not a problem. When we cruised with my nephew there were only 25 kids on the Carnival Freedom. So we wanted to be sure my nephew was respectful of the people around him. He didn't swim in the adult only pool at the back of the ship and he didn't hang in the hot tubs.
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