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Just off of a RCCL cruise last week with "MY Time" dining. Here's how it worked. If you switch from regular seating to "MY Time" dining you cannot switch back because when you switch, they fill your regular seating seat with a person that was waiting for "let's say" a first seating. So you can not go back because your seat has been filled. Now, what about the tips in "MY Time" dining. During the week you might have four or five different waiters. So who do you give the tip too on the last day? Well, you put your tips on your sail card (mandatory) and the cruise line pools the tips and all of the waiters share the pool. That means that on the last night you give your tips (voucher, no cash, remember it's on the sail card) to the waiter that just's happens to be your waiter for the last night. It does not make any difference who he is. In fact you could just hand it to any waiter, he'll say thank you and turn it in the pool for all to share. It worked great and I think that after some more test runs, RCCL will have all "MY Time" dining along with mandatory tips on all of their ships. Like I said, I just did this system about five days ago and I am also five pounds heaver, but it was a great time. OM
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