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Default Re: Ah yes... gaining weight on board...

Originally Posted by Seafun
Shoot! If you don't gain a pound a day, you're just not doing it right, .

Say, Triton, I guess I figured out the "other" site you alluded to... :-)

Very much looking forward to meeting you and your partner on the Infinity. Just getting the hang of this board. Tried to PM you, and it ended up coming to ME! Tried several times to get an avatar photo put in but that task is always tricky for me too.

I'll get there...
Seafun, welcome to Cruisemates! Happy to have you over to our message boards, and another fellow pax to gain a few pounds with. The =X= (Celebrity) board is packed full of information from regular =X=cruisers who enjoy helping others out, and providing useful information. Really, some great posters on this site, and we appreciate them all.

Mosey around the other boards on Cruisemates, at your leisure. Will look forward to bumping into you more.

Yes, our Panama cruise will be a great one, can hardly wait!
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