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Triton, you have many good points. I personally would not glare at the child, for goodness sakes they are only doing what they do. It is the parent that I would glare at. You do bring up a pet peeve of mine however and this does not just apply to children. WHY SHOULD I MOVE?

In our society we have assumed this position that if someone (usually an adult) acts a fool, we should just move, or turn our backs. Let them do what they want. I wonder why this is? When did it become acceptable for the one who is disruptive to not be called out?
Maybe I am getting cranky, but you see I am only 47, and children? I supervise a childhood development center with 127 of the tykes. So I am not just bent on hurting families with small children. It is just that I was once a giant pain in the A** when I was a kid. I was however the one led from the table, not those other adults that were present.
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