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Originally Posted by Trip
Blue Skies...thanks for your kind words Reading your reply, it surely sounds like you know how to enjoy a cruise, and thoughtful to newbies traveling along

I have spoken to some cruisers, who continue their type A days as they cruise....If they don't have something planned, they panic,..they don't know what are missing, but we sure do
Trip, I agree very much with Blue Skies.

It is so comforting as a never-been-yet cruiser to know that it's okay just to sit! Here I am at work, jumping around on the endless, multi-level, figurative trampolines. Staying in my Type A mode is the only way to keep from crashing.

But, still, I was already feeling guilty, thinking it would be so wonderful to just sit and watch the ocean and doze....but knowing I would miss out on so much fun stuff. But I'm already planning NEXT year's cruise, and the next, a cruise addict in the making, because of you loyal, passionate I can get around to some of that fun stuff then, right?

This is a wonderful community, isn't it?
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