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Why yes, Sid1962, we were on that particular cruise. Were you folks on it as well? Just curious if we may have met? The problems were off Devil's Island, or Island Royale. In any event, we were in the private Lotus Spa deck, and had a nice view of the island. We were delayed just a couple or three hours.

The last time we had AD on the Connie, we ran into an old bartender on the Mecury (maybe from 6 years back), who was just learning how to wait tables. He was nervous, but very good. Hopefully he's earned his apron, and moving upwards on =X=. I think on our next Infinity cruise in September, we'll do the AD more. We've been always fortunate to have a table for 2 though in the regular dining. I like your dinner time of 7 PM, that would be perfect for us.

We only saw one gentleman with his formal kilt on our Amazon cruise, and yes, it was very cool! We see more kilts and formal wear / kilts on the larger =X= (Mil Class) ships though. It's always fun to watch...makes me want to trace my Irish heritage to see what color I should wear, lol. I learned that the Irish wear kilts too, but are solid in color, not the interesting shades, colors and patterns that the Scottish wear.
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