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Yes, we are on the 10/11 out of Fort Lauderdale. I will look for a guy with a moustach, sun glasses and a tropical shirt (based on your avatar) many can ther be? lol.....

I think we are talking about different days in St. Lucia. We were there on 4/2, and it was a beautiful day with no rain. Also, the couple I mentioned above said the cruise originated in Fort Lauderdale. So, while it is sort of coincidental, it may be like the old adage: "We went to different schools together."

As far as any shopping across from the main area in St. Lucia, there is some. There are a bunch of stalls where vendors have the usual souvenier type stuff. However, just a few yards away is a fairly new or renovated building wherein you have the usual Diamonds/Emeralds/Tanzanite International type stores. There is an internet cafe there on the second level that we used. The Connie was docked at this location that day.

Now, before you disembark, please be sure to have them check the T-pool for the correct temperature....we do like it to be waqrm without being hot.....just kidding.

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