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katlady, I agree that it was probably a case of passengers being unhappy about the changes.

I'm glad that I would not have been on that list. I have never removed tips and don't think I would, it would have to be something really bad by the crewmember for me to do it. Even on the cruise where we never show our cabin steward I did't change but did metion on the comment form that we had never met that person. I figured the cabin was cleaned as it should and the person just had way too many cabins to be able to meet everyone.

On our first MSC cruise I know a lot of the older Americans took off tips for the dining room, more because they did not like the food than for any problem with the waiters/assistants.

From reading the articles about this case it looks to me as though the ship always notifies the crew who has taken off tips but it may not be normal for the email to be posted.
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