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Monkeythyme I think we have the same habits. I have a cruise comparsion spreadsheet. It had space for 3 cruises and has two tabs the feed into the summary page. The tabs show all basic costs of a cruise. Cruise fare, auto tips, tax & port fees, hotel, airfare (or if driving gasoline and parking costs), transfers, petsitting, and travel insurance. I have a travel rewards credit card so I have a line that shows the discount price after points are used.

Because I can drive to port this template is helpful in compare a cruise I need to fly to and a cruise I can drive to. I can compare the difference bewteen a 7 day and an 8 day. Because an 8 day has extra pet sitting, auto tip, and parking costs involved. The summary tab has a formula to calulate the day a per night expense. I showed my template to co workers and they suggested I seek help. But I don't like surprise expenses.
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