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Default Tuesday once more...

Good Morning CruiseMates! Welcome to Tuesday all over again! Seems like just seven days ago it was Tuesday, but hey, it wasn't that bad, lets try it once more. I'll see if I can get it right this time. With a little practice I just might master the Tuesday gig. That is until someone changes something.
As most know, yesterday was Monday. I thought I had Monday wired, that is until this morning I realized that I forgot to put out the trash. Well there's always next Monday, right? By then I will really make the trashman's visit worth his while.
Well this morning's wake up was another speed drill just like the day before. We finally figured out the culprit was d/h's atomic alarm clock. I bought 3 of these on Woot several years ago thinking that it would be great for d/h when he travels since it picks up on the radio signals from the NOAA and is always dead on accurate within a buzzillion of a millisecond. Well d/h took it to LA with him last week. and evidently when he came back, his alarm clock thinks he stopped somewhere in a different time zone that is an hour later than Eastern Standard Time. So the atomic clock has gone atomic and can no longer be trusted. Luckily I happen to have a stash of alarm clocks around the house waiting to be used now that we know what is going on. So yes today has started just like yesterday, except I am smarter today and more prepared. I had d/h's lunch made and ready last night, so all I had to do was stick it in his lunch bag with a couple of Coke Zeros and a fork. I had his travel mug full of coffee, I took a large Aquafina bottle, filled it with Honey Nut Cheerios and milk so he had breakfast to go, and stuck it all in his car while he was in the shower, so he wouldn't forget to take it with him. Unlike yesterday, he was lucky to make it out of the house with the clothes on his back, he forgot his cell phone/PDA, no breakfast, no lunch (gave him an excuse to go out with the guys at work) Oh well, if traffic isn't too bad he should make it on time. I guess this is one way for him to catch up on his sleep. Though it would just be simpler for him to go to bed early.
Well d/s had ball practice yesterday. He is just so darned cute out there. Tonight is d/d's practice. Her first game isn't until May 26. They really do a good job working with the kids, but it's sure hard to get schedule information out of them. So I am just trying to get them to their practices and games as information trickles down.
Let's see here what else is going on? Not too much really. The kid's are still asleep. I left the ladder up in the living room after changing the battery from the smoke detector so the cat would have fun playing on it. I think it's starting to look good in there . I think tonight I will grill up some yellow fin tuna for dinner. D/H's doctor said he needs to lower his triglycerides, so I guess that is my cue to alter his diet. However I have no idea what he forages from the vending machines at work. So we shall see how I do with this new task. i am going to see his new doc soon for my yearly, non-womanly check up. You know the one where they actually check out the general health of your entire body, not just the naughty bits.
I came to a startling realization that I had gotten everyone a primary care doc, except myself and this weekend when my allergies struck, I had no one to call, since our favorite 83 year old doctor is now no longer seeing patients due to his own failing health. That reminds me, I need to send him a card. He was always there for us. He's a good man, and I want him to know how much we appreciate him.
So not much else going on here. Just trying to keep everyone on their toes. I have little to complain about. and I am just thankful for the beautiful day! Hope it is beautiful for all of you too!

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