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I have not been on the POA - the only ncl ship I have yet to cruise on.

All I can say is the reviews have gotten much better since they reduced the number of ships in HI to one. The biggest problem in the past was keeping 3 ships fully staffed with quality US employees. Today they have a wait-list of crew and the service has dramatically improved. Still different with US workers then an international crew terrified to lose there jobs.

This cruise is all about HI and the only way to really see so much of it in 7 days.

If you get a chance stop by the front desk and introduce yourself to James Byrd he has been working with NCLA since the beginning and active poster on other boards, Twitter, facebook,You Tube, and his own blog.

In fact contact him from his blog before you go with any questions. Always good to have a friend onboard. He was on the Jade with Kuki (Kuki's blog is on this site)

Enjoy one of the most beautiful places on earth and the floating hotel that makes it possible.
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