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Originally Posted by wildtiger722
ur right i wasnt there with him but im just saying...i have never heard such a negative review from a teen cruiser and i just found it highly unlikely that you be treated that way...i mean do you honestly thing a cruise staff member would tell you 2 go back to ur room if u had a sore throat and wanted a cup of tea and they knew that??? come on now even strictest security guards arent that rude....idk ik security can be tough on some people but i jsut dont see them coming up to you and asking for your seapass or not even let you walk some1 to their room
Believe me, I was shocked too. He didn't care at all, he was the boss, and to him I was just another one of the 3500 people on board. I state the truth, I say things like they are- RCL sucks, and my review is not completely negative. I am sure that not all ships, sailings, itineraries, and times of the year are the same on royal, but my cruise was one of the worst on the 10 I have been on and pretty much everyone I was with, even my friend who was on over 10 agreed. It was just way to strict and not at all relaxing, and there is no way I would pay $ to be told I cant enjoy a cup of tea at 1 am.

do you honestly thing a cruise staff member would tell you 2 go back to ur room if u had a sore throat and wanted a cup of tea and they knew that???
Prior to sailing with this line, I honestly would too find this hard to believe if I read it online. Seems he just didn't care. He was even nice enough to walk me back to my room and, told me "I wont be seeing you anymore out past 1 am on this cruise, or the guest conduct policy will be enforced." That's nice. It was the first crew member I got to talk to on the cruise. I felt so welcomed.

Its perfectly cool that you try to defend royal, you are loyal to them as I can see but I am absolutely positive that if you were on my sailing for just ONE of the 12 nights, you would feel VERY let down. I am not going on royal as a teen again and I highly recommend against sailing with them as a passenger under 21 (even then they will be watching you, they watched my friends mom and FOLLOWED her when she left a bar with beer, because they right away suspected her of buying it for a minor) NEVER on ANY other cruise line will you feel like this, I can guarantee that for sure. Those are the facts, and if you or anyone has any further questions then please, ask away, I am happy to help
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