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Originally Posted by bricruiser
okay well whether it's true or not, you don't need to publicize it so much. Most people have read your review and that's enough, there is no need to bring it up any time you get the chance. I am going on explorer this summer and reading your review made me a bit less excited, but for you to keep bringing up your "bad experience" its a bit obnoxious. I don't care if you had a bad time, it doesn't mean that everyone sailing on explorer or any other rccl ship will have a bad time.
i completely agree with you bri...peter no offense man but on any forum that mentions royal carribean you take the time to tell every1 it sucks and that IS annoying man. i talked to my grandparents about his review b/c is sounded over exagerated or missing some pieces and they agreed..they have been on TWELVE royal carribean cruises and never seen a security person give some1 trouble unless they were doing something peter i think u got in trouble and are pissed off about it so ur taking it out on the cruise line. honesly man if u told a security guard to go f**k themselves they wouldnt have jsut let you walk away you would be down on Deck 1 having ur parents have 2 come down and get if ur gonna write a review include the whole review not just pieces
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