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Originally Posted by mmerali
I sailed on Navigator OTS in the late summer of 2004 - before the curfew was implemented.
I was on Voyager of the Seas July of that same year, 2004, and they strictly enforced the curfew.

That was the only RCL cruise I ever took. Overall, it was a pretty good cruise. Security was pretty anal, me and the friends I made on board were threatened to be "booked" or whatever they do at 1:30 PM, in the AFTERNOON! They said we were being to rowdy. We were the only ones in the lounge, sitting around, talking about where we were on 9/11.

Other than that, it was a pretty good cruise. The Krooze Klowns (or however they spell it) were great, the random "street" dancing in the Royal Promenade was awesome.

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