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Default customs in St Thomas.

Not sure how to explain this..Ive been to St Thomas a few times on differnt ships, only untill 2005 when i went there on the Glory after stopping in Nassau first...They had to clear customs in St thomas since we stopped in nassau..I had a day planned just like every body else..and once we got there it took them almost 2 hours before anybody could leave the ship..Well I had to cancel my plans (rent a vehicle and take the ferry to St John). Instead I went to one of the local beaches. On the end of that cruise I did write a letter to carnival explaining a "alternitive" to which I never did get a answer..Im sure there may be a stupid reason for the itinerary, but dont you think going to St Thomas FIRST since its a US port and hitting all the others last would save the hassle of clearing customs? Either way the ship goes by the islands on way back as well. After all, the ship goes through customs once back in US anyhow..Why do it 2 times? Its a waste of time.
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