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Default Monday, Memorial Day II

Yesterday I referred to as "Memorial Day" simply because that is when most folks celebrated it this year. Actually today is "Memorial Day" of course......except it ain't. The true Memorial Day (the day on which the Veteran's cemeteries and National cemeteries, not to mention the Military remember our ward dead) remains May 30th. It's one of those holidays that they hook up the day of celebration to the closest Monday so it can be a three day weekend. Is everyone thoroughly confused now?

I thought that today I'd be bleary eyed by watching automobile racing from around noon to midnight. Ended up going to bed around 9:30 though when they finally called the Charlotte race due to rain. They're set to roll off around Noon today so I guess I have another chance at my unopened bag of chips and my French Onion Dip.

Hope it's a wonderful day where you are, just overcast here this morning but no rain. Prayers for all of those on the list and Blessings upon everyone.

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