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Good "Monday Holiday Bill" Memorial day.

I've never been a fan of moving the traditional days for Holidays in order to give folks a three day weekend but it could be worse and not be observed, period.

I hope everyone takes a moment or more to remember those that have given their lives in the preservation of our freedom and liberty.

Yesterday was a "reasonably" fun day. My Son-in-law gave me a fantastic pre-birthday present. Costco had five foot arborvitaes for $20. My neighbor bought some last year and they are thriving so we decided to buy some for a windbreak. The birthday present that my SIL gave me was planting the 20 trees for me. He hand dug the 20 holes and planted the trees. This is no small task to plant arborvitaes of this size. He worked for five hours. I smoked a pork shoulder so afterward we all had a good meal.

Today will be a visit to my Mom and Dad's grave site. It's a two hour trip so that will be the extent of the day.

I hope everyone has a great day!

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