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Default May 16-23 Carnival Liberty Review!!!

Let me just start by saying I wasn't going to post this until I had pictures ready but my computer is a slow piece of crap and I'll just post the link to them later when I get them all up. This was only mine and my boyfriends 2nd cruise and our two friends 1st cruise. We've never been on a boat as big as the Liberty but it was good. I (Leesha) am 24, my boyfriend (James) turned 26 on board and my two friends Aaron and Jennifer are both 24. There was a LOT of alcohol consumed on this trip. Everything was good!

Embarakation/1st sea day
We drove from Lakeland, FL the Miami the morning of. Arrived at the port at 9AM. Went to go get breakfast at a nearby Burger King (we called it Bum King because of the several vagrants that were all in the parking lot). Got done there then went back to the port around 10:30AM. We knew we were early but they took our bags anyway. We went to the terminal and got boarding group 6.
At 11:30 they started boarding. We got on board, put cash deposits on the S&S then went off to explore. This boat is beautiful. They ALMOST went overboard with the flowers everywhere, but this boat really shines at night.
We walked around the boat until our rooms were ready at 1:30. We had connecting balcony rooms toward the back of the boat on deck 8 (Verandah) on the starboard side. Our room was a little messy when we got into it. The "coffee table" was sticky, the Carnival towels from the last people we wadded up in the corner, and there were 3 gooey goops of something on the tray the ice bucket was on. All was fixed after dinner, I left the steward a note.
Went to the muster drill and it took longer than normal because every announcement had to be made in English, Spanish, and German. It was annoying but done and over with in about 40 minutes. After this we just chilled in the room unpacking until dinner.
Dinner was the open dining. We were upstairs in the Golden Olympian. Food was good every night we ate in it. Our waitresses were Natalia and Rica and they rocked. We had the same table and waitresses every night.
After dinner we went up to the lido deck and it was stormy. Not raining, but low dark clouds and wind, it was really neat. Then we sat at the atrium bar drinking and hangin out till about midnight then hit the sack. We had all been up since 4:30 and were tired.

Day 2 - At Sea
Don't remember much on this day except we were all really drunk all day. That was our ritual, stay at least buzzed all day. Not puke drunk, just buzzed. Had breakfast at the buffet, sat out by the rear pool bar, ate lunch at the buffet. That night we had dinner in the dining room and went to watch some karaoke. It was fun. Hit the sack about 1am.

Day 3 - Jamaica
I had heard a LOT of people the night before talking about how dangerous Jamaica is and a couple people suggested NOT to get off the boat. I love people like this. The people who won't venture outside the fenced area in fear they will get their purse snatched. People who think taking a cab ride away from the boat means they'll get kidnapped. Well I'll be the first to tell you that I only vacation to party WITH the locals and see how REAL LIFE is abroad. If I get kidnapped, well, that's just another story to tell. DANGER is my middle name.
As soon as we got off the boat we went to Coconuts and had some drinks until our tour started. After 2 drinks we were all hammered. We told the bartender to make us each 2 of the strongest drinks he had and well, HE DID.
We took a bus over to Mystic Mountain and did the bobsled. The Sky Explorer was broke when we first got there so we had to drive up the mountain and let me tell you, that was an adventure. We stopped at the "Shoe Rental/Exotic Dancing/Breakfast and lunch served" stand. Then dropped people off at Dunn's River then went to the mountain. We ate a jerk chicken lunch at the restaurant there then went down the bobsled. It rocked. The sky explorer was then fixed by now, so we took that down then took a bus back to town.
We still had about 4 hours to kill so we found a cab driver and told him we wanted to go hang with the locals away from all the touristy stuff. He took us WAY up in the mountains at some back woods bar and there we were, partying with the locals. I won't go into detail here but it was fun. After about 2 hours up there we went back down the mountain to the boat and called it a day. We had been trashed since the time we got off the boat.

Day 4 - Cayman Islands
I was worried about the tender process from the very beginning. We got up at 8AM and headed to the Venetian Palace to get stickers like the caper said. We were tender group one. After about 30 minutes our group was called and we were the 2nd tender off the boat. The weather today was AWESOME. Sunny and hot. We had nothing planned for this day. Got off the tender and there were 3 other boats in port (Disney Magic, Legend, Valor). We met up with a guy who took us on an island tour for $20 piece. We went to Hell, sent postcards, went to 7-mile beach, took some pictures, then he offered the Turtle Farm but no one was interested. There was an older couple with us who were less than exciting. They were quiet the whole time and the husband kept complaining about everything being a beach. HELLO! You're on an island! Well the tour driver took us by some big million dollar homes which were all nice since we didn't do the turtle thing. Afterwards he let us out at Senor Frogs. We had some drinks and food here. EVERYTHING was so damn expensive. It was OK though, I'd expected it. After this we just walked down the road and went in and out of shops, buying stuff here and there. It was getting really hot so we decided to head back as there wasn't much else to do that we could find. We wanted to find a bar but they were all packed to the max and there wasn't much to pick from.
Got back on the boat to go to the ship. My friend Jennifer and I went to the gym while the guys hung out in the room. The BF and I went to the past guest party then met up with the others and went to dinner. This night we went to the dining room for dinner, bought 2 bottles of wine, drank them all. Then went to the casino, played some roulette, drank at the casino bar. By this time we were all hammered and went back to the room. The other 3 went to the midnight adult scavenger hunt while I stayed in the room puking my guts up. It was good night!!!!

Day 5 - at Sea
Don't remember much about this day either. I just remember my friend Aaron and I went to the casino and blew a bunch of money on roulette. We went down the pool area and it was packed as normal. Wanted to play ping pong but all the tables were taken, so we played putt putt instead. There was a group of about 10 people in front of us all playing one hole at a time and taking forever so we went around them and it seemed to make them mad but I didn't care. We had lunch in the buffet and just hung out drinking. It was fun. That night for dinner we were going to go to Harry's but cancelled it at the last minute. Today was my boyfriends birthday and he said he'd rather just save the $30/person and eat in the dining room. We had pre-ordered a cake from Bon Voyage and it was delivered with candles and they sang. We had a good time. After that I went and sat in the aft hot tub and my friend Jennifer and I went swimming in the aft pool. They had the cover on and it was neat.

Day 6 - Roatan Island, Honduras
We had booked Fins and Flippers for this day since I'd heard there wasn't much to do in Honduras. We docked at 9AM but couldn't get off the boat until about 10AM since clearing took so long (it's been a while since the Liberty has been there) Since it took so long the captain allowed everyone to stay an extra hour late. We got off the boat and met up with the Fins and Flippers tour guide at the booths. Followed him out through the fence and once we got to the actual streets of Honduras, I was amazed. I just couldn't believe how poor this place way. It was just a sight to be had. I felt so bad for these people but knew it was just their way of life. A group of girls by the fence (who were on the Liberty) were scared to go outside and went back to the boat. Once again, we venture.
We went to the dock where the F&F boat picked us up. Took it to the island and I couldn't believe how pretty and clean this place was. The water there isn't all that great but the landscape and everything were just amazing. We snorkled out at the reef and that was cool. Then we went and sat in the pool for a while as we had it all to ourselves. After this we bought some lunch there, it was so/so. The burgers are definitely NOT USDA BEEF like the sign says they are.
After we ate we walked around the whole island checking out all the animals and finding this replica Mayan city they're building. The project manager of the place saw us looking around and took us on a tour. This place is going to be really nice when it gets finished.
After this we hung out by the pool, walked around and took pictures and just couldn't believe how pretty everything was.
We took the ferry boat back over to Roatan and walked down the streets checking out all the little shops and whatnot. Bought some cigars and a couple other things.
Got back on the boat. I had made a spa appointment for 4:45 so I went to that and it was VERY relaxing. It just sucked how the massage room was right next to the entrance of the gym, so everytime someone opened the door you heard the thumping music and then the door slam.
Tonight was the 2nd captains dinner. We opted to eat in the buffet tonight since we were all tired and didn't feel like getting dressed up. (I meant to say the 1st capt's dinner was the 1st sea day and we did go to that. I wanted to buy mine and my boyfriends formal night picture but it was no where to be found on any of the boards, even the staff couldn't find it. That was all they could do though. I was upset but got over it real fast).
After dinner we called it an early night. We hadn't had more than 5 hours of sleep each night this whole trip so we had some catching up to do.

Day 7 - At Sea
This was the last sea day and we were all reminded that the vacation was over. I was sad but it was good. We mostly all hung out in the room today. Ordered room service and watched movies. Went and had dinner in the dining room. It was good as usual. After this we hit up the casino bar for margarita madness and went to watch karaoke. The last guy who sang was hysterical because he was so off and it was great. After this we went to the martini bar and wish we would've found Tommy sooner. He was hilarious. We drank here for a while then went out to sit by the aft pool to eat pizza and be drunk. Hit the sack about 1AM

Last Day/Debarkation
The debarkation on the boat was a LOT BETTER than the Inspiration. We did the self assist and they called each deck, one at a time to get off the boat. We had time to go eat breakfast in the buffet. On the Inspiration it was pretty much "Alright we're docked, get off."
Calling the decks one at a time was a lot smoother and nice.

All and all this was a VERY VERY fun vacation. I would definitely do this itenirary (sp?) again. I thought 7 days would be to long but it was JUST RIGHT. Not to short, not to long. And we loved having the balcony.

Any questions just ask!!!

Carnival Liberty - May 2009
Carnival Inspiration - October 2008
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