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Default Re: pre-paid phone card question

Originally Posted by Michelle1959
1. will any pre-paid phone card that I purchase here work from public phones in cozumel?

2. I don't recall seeing any on Sensation but are there "public pay phones" where you can also use these on the ships to call home from?
1. No! It must be an International Card. MAKE SURE you have the required 800, or other, access numbers required to make a call.

2. There are no public phones on cruise ships. The cable isn't long enough. You would need to use your stateroom phone and the price/minute is the same no matter where, in the U.S. you call. 800 numbers are charged the same as any other number.

When using phone cards in port you need to find a true "public" phone. Most phones at the port or close to it are private company phones and require a credit card to use them. There are also places that require that you buy minutes from them to use the phone. Your phone card is worthless in both of these place. Ask a staff member if they know of public phones, in port, where you can use your phone card.

Phone cards were once a good thing but in the last few years they have become worthless unless you want to do a lot of walking to find a phone.

I now use email and "short" cell phone calls from port.

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