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Late posting today Mates -
Sunny but windy and pretty cold - we are too have a frost tonight - so much for getting your tomato plants out by Memorial Day!

I did not get to our town services today - but did watch on tv the ceremony at the National Cemetary and listened to some of the speakers.
I am for ever grateful for the many sacrifices made on my behalf to live here.

I did attend a graduation/going away party for my niece - now a Pharmacist and heading to San Diego - her boyfriend also just graduated as a Pharmacist - but also in the Navy - he will be stationed there. Now I think I may be looking at cruising from there with a nice visit with them on either end. It was hard to say good bye - all my children and nieces are leaving one by one. Love them so.

Got dh home yesterday - didn't actually make it personally to the Medical Center - ds and I had car trouble on the interstate on way down. Thankfully some people were at the hospital doing some visitation and they live right in the town we broke down in so they brought my husband too us, and by the time he got to us, ds and I had the car troubles remedied. It seems never ending. But I know that we will make it thru - God is faithful.

Tomorrow my father-in-law and my son and I will be opening up the pool - dh will supervise - o my! Will be so glad when that chore is done, as it is a real undertaking. I will be sure to take my meds before and after to keep the after effects to a minimum.

Judy - how is Keith feeling?
Praying for many of you. Todd - hope your race got underway so you could enjoy your chips and French Onion dip - my particular favorite duo!
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