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Triton et al,

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Ocean Liners on the Connie and ended up leaving $20 as a tip. My wife had Steak Dianne, and I had a special which was a filet with some sort of truffle sauce. Presentation was excellent as usual, and the meals were delicious. Funny, I can't recall what we had for dessert. Then again, I am old, and this is happening with greater frequency as the days !

We plan on trying the specialty restuarant on Infinity when we sail this coming October, and will probably leave the same amount as a tip; more if warrented. $50 for what we got was a bargain...I have paid more for less.

I guess it boils down to what you are comfortable doing. We felt it was worth leaving the tip we did.

Funny you should mention Princess. We were on the Caribbean Princess (our only Princess cruise - and there will in all likelihood not be any more for a lot of reasons) and dined at the steak house. Quite frankly, it was not anything to write home about. Maybe a half step better than an Outback, but in no way close to a Ruth Chris or a Morton's.

We had made reservations at Sabatini's also the day we boarded. However, they were cancelled on us because Princess had apparently sold out all the seatings on line prior to the cruise, and somehow this word didn't reach those selling reservations on the pool deck the day we boarded. My sister dined at Sabatini's on the Ruby Princess and raved about it. As an aside, Princess offered nothing to us to make amends for this mix up. OK, so that was a gratuitous remark; they really didn't have to do anything. Still.....

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