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Default Hump Day Arrives!

You will be relieved to hear that "The Sarge" has gone on furlough. He has been temporarily replaced by a kindler gentler individual who wishes to announce the new day in a more friendly and acceptable manner. Toward that end, "Good Wednesday Morning fellow Cruisemates."

I've printed out our boarding documents and have the luggage tags all ready to put on (after I take the old ones off from last June's cruise). The dining room table (with all three leaves in it) is chock-a-block with folded clothes etc. and the gates are up to prevent our feline children from getting too inquisitive.

Fran and I both decided last year that to take so many pieces of luggage was absurd and she was severely cutting back for this cruise. Well, that was the intent anyway. But as I counted luggage pieces yesterday not only did I count the same number of pieces as last year but a new one has appeared that is double in size than the one it has replaced from last June! I asked her what the reason for the larger piece was and she just .

I can't wait to get outta' Dodge. Two more weeks and we're "in the wind" as we used to say back in the sixties. We have decided that come hell or high water, we're spending some time in Manhattan for the first time since '96 when we moved to my hometown here in Tennessee. One of the first stops after we visit Ground Zero (last time I was there I was in the North Tower) will be either the Carnegie or the Stage Stop Deli for a REAL Pastrami on rye. Then a visit to the Intrepid which has returned to its original berth. Will, of course, take a quick trip upstate to visit the guys with whom I worked "on the job."

Can't wait to becme ensconced in the same stateroom on the Explorer that we had last year!

Prayers to those on the list (and especially at today's Healing Service at Church) and Blessings upon everyone.

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