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Good Morning CruiseMates!
Todd, I am thrilled that you are making the final arrangements for the cruise you and Fran have been looking forward to for so long. It is well deserved! I love sailing from NYC. Used to be that the Intrepid and the Concorde were both right next to the Manhattan Cruise Port and it was so cool to see them both right there. Not sure where they are now, but I bet you and Irish know.
Darn, somehow I hit a button to post and didn't mean to. So here's my first edit lol.
Well d/d's first game went very well. She got up to bat three times and hit the ball all three times. She just needs to work on running a bit faster, because she seems to run out of gas as she nears home plate. But truly she did a great job and I could not have been prouder.

No games today, but if the rain clears, we'll probably go over to my girlfriends house to see her goats and puppies. It should be lots of fun. We just love critters lol.

I need to do a little stone work on my patio before I declare it officially finished. But I have to find just the right sized stones to cover the pie shaped wedges left in the top of the retaining wall stone that forms the outside perimeter. Once that is done I will stop fussing with it.

Not much else going on today. Just hope everyone has a great hump day!

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