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Good Morning All! To answer the question on the table, the Intrepid is back at its dock at midtown Manhattan after a refurbishment.

Back to work after an extended weekend . It has calmed down considerably but business is about to pick up once again.

The Shoobies (our disrepctful term for tourists) are back with a vengance. Marj is going nuts trying to schedule service calls for thier broken appliances. They all seem to think that since they are summer people that they should get immediate service that doesn't intrude on their "beach time" or afternoon naps. They consider inoperative ice makers to be a priority emergency. (Actually, the only emergency is a no-cold refrigerator). Those of you on facebook who read my page can see a story of a group of Shoobie boys who got drunk and decided to steal stuff from unlocked cars (Shoobies being stupid and careless) in Ocean City. At least they victimized thier own kind.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!!

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