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Originally Posted by tennisbum
If I am not mistaken, you will have to have completwd 10 cruises to achieve your next level which will give you several perks.
Nope - you get the perks on your 10th cruise, not after you complete the 10th cruise.

We had a lot of fun and took a lot of ribbing from some friends last week on the cruise. We are well into our VIP status with Carnival and this was their 2nd cruise. They started asking about the perks on the first night and we kept telling them it was not a big deal, but from that point on we kept getting ribbed about our VIP status. So, we started taking pics of the gifts and canape platter, and good night platter etc., and showing them to the newbies at dinner each night. They thought we had sooo much pull on the ship, simply because as experienced cruisers we knew how to ask for and get certain things accomplished, such as getting our reservations crossed referenced for dinner even thought each of the 3 couples in our group booked separately. Of course anyone can do that.
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