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Hello to all the Mates! I have been up working for hours just now got the chance to check out chat. I spent all day yesterday at the hospital with my Mom. She had a vein opened up in her leg to help the circulation. It seems to have helped her already as she said last night her foot felt warmer. Just hope it continues to get better for her.
Today I am playing catch up in the office. I took the weekend off and then being gone yesterday I am behind. I've already got several things done but still have a few more calls to complete.
Beanie, I love watching the kids play ball. My grandaughter is on a T-ball team for the first time this year. Some of the little ones have no idea what to do or where to run if they manage to hit the ball. If the rain holds out she has a game tomorrow evening so I'll be there.
Todd, I am so jealous that you are going cruising, I don't get to go till Jan. Have a great time and enjoy NYC.
Luanne, would you come clean my closets? That was the one thing I had put on my list to do when I retired from my regular job in 2000. Still haven't got it all done yet!!! Oh well some day.
Hope everyone has a great day. Prayers to all those in need.

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