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Katlady, I was simply posting what I had read, that the US government refused to give California any more money because the government doesn't have it- and I suppose 11 trillion in debt, they don't. but I am not surprised that that is incorrect,often the news is.

As far as Georgia seceding, that was something a governor candidate (and former governor) started, but he is not presently in office, and I think, making stupid remarks such as that, may prevent him from getting in office again.

I agree, people should save, and also not put luxuries on credit cards, if you can't afford it, you should save. People also should save up an emergency fund-so they can survive if they lose their job-we should have enough saved to survive a year, they say, but yet most people live paycheck to paycheck-and you would never know it-from their lifestyles.

It seems most American people and their governments, do not understand that saving concept.
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