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cozzette1: I'm a big guy too. I'm 6'7", 48 "chest and 36 / 34 pants with a 18" neck and 37-38 sleeves.

If you and your hubby are accustomed to fine clothing, I would NOT rent from the ship's service. Many of the ships use the same vendor.

Two years ago we thought we would leave the tuxedos at home, rather than schlepping them on board. It was a mistake.

The butler brought our tuxedos in, the first day. My partner tried his on and it fit fine. I tried mine on and the slacks came up to my knees!! We called the butler (Arvid) in and he just busted up laughing. Yes, it was quite the site, but I was somewhat worried that it wouldn't be altered in time for the formal dinner, on the second night. It was altered and they did a fine job.

That's not really the problem (just a pre-curser). The quality of the fabric was just thin and cheap. It wasn't our CK tuxedos at home, but heck, it wasn't even a JC Penny's tux! It came close to reminding me of the tux I rented for my senior ball back in 1982.

The shirt was paper-thin as well and it just never really fit right...too tight around the shoulders, not long enough for my torso, I was also fussing with the sleeves...and the polyester material (not wool) of the tux was as I said, thin and scratchy. It wasn't worth it to me, and I wouldn't rent on board again; however, that's just my experience. Others may have had a better one.

IMHO, it wasn't worth the $200+ we spent on renting them.

Yes, they had the James Bond white...we went through "Cruiseline Formal Wear".
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