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Todd my friend I doubt very seriously that you are dense or dumb. In fact you make a lot of sense. However, the UI rate has more to do with the people losing thier homes then the loan itself. If you home loan was based on a two income household and one person loses thier job and can't find another job, that affects what you can afford. Some people bought houses they could not afford and ran up thier credit cars. However, others got caught in the economic downturn lost thier jobs and could not recover. The Unemployment Rate is California in December 2009 was 9.3% and in December 2007, the Unemployment Rate was 5.9%. This is a large loss of jobs in the past two years.

Kylira I feel you on the gas prices I paid about the same price for gas to. They tax the heck out of us over here. I notice the cruiselines have the disclaimer on the website that the fuel surcharge can be reinstated.

I had paid for a cruise before the Feb 8th and they charged me fuel surcharge thanks to the Florida Attorney General the money was returned as OBC. Right now I'm not worried about Fuel Surcharge if they charge it I won't cruise. It's as simple as that. I can cruise on short notice. So I will wait and hope for a deal. I don't plan on doing it until 2010 anyway.
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