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Yes hon, you're absolutely correct. Every day in this country folks lose their homes because they lost their jobs. It's heartbreaking but that's just the way it's always been. That was even true back in the Great Depression but there weren't eight zillion government programs bailing everyone out in one way or another and you know something? The country recovered. Took over ten years and a World War but it did recover.

And what about the millions of folks, many of whom were non union, who've retired in the last five or ten years and have either lost entirely or had severely restricted, their healthcare they were promised during retirement; and simply because industry could no longer afford to honor that pledge? Did the government either bail out or subsidize their employers in the same manner it is today for the automobile industry?

And yes, during the Great Depression there were government programs such as the CCC and there was even something called "Workfair." A participant in that program was paid a bare susbsistance wage in return for which they worked on a government project or performed a public service. Why workfair? Simply because people back then would have gone even more hungry than they already were before they'd ever accept a "government handout." But being able to work for the stipend, made it acceptable.

Literally millions of Americans would totally ridicule such an idea today. Not to mention as would the millions of others that sit and watch TV all day yet receive their food, housing and medical care (medical care that is often equal to that provided by the most expensive health insurance plan there is) and which is far superior to the benefits of those poor folks mentioned in the above paragraph.

That's really a shame.


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