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Originally Posted by cozzette1
We are blessed to live in Southern Oregon, not as much rain as up north and so beautiful plus lots to do.
We have a Shaksperean Festifal in Asland that is top quality, plus all the outdoor activities.
Enjoy your daughter, I know once they reach a certain age it is harder to have them all to yourself.
Yes, my son is "at that age", I fear. I pray and keep good thoughts that time and maturity will bring him back around.

You are in such a wonderful area of Oregon...I know this isn't the right forum, BUT, when I was young my family would travel up to see my uncle and his family in Reedsport, for many years-and salmon fish, crab, pick blackberries...such a wonderful memory for me.

We've been looking at areas in Oregon and Washington to retire to, or semi-retire to.

In Orinda, we too, have a Shakespere festival. As a matter of fact, every night when I drive by their outdoor theater, I see them rehearsing.

Small world!
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