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Default CANDA/N.E.

AS a Bostonian we have taken this trip twice.. and let me give you a few things we have done.. First. in Halifax walk/meander along the lovely boardwalk looking at the local artisans and their work. The first time we went we hired a taxi and he took us on a tour of the graveyard of the Titanic victims..WOW.. The driver said that going to Peggys Cove was a waste if we lived near the ocean and often it was too foggy. Well, the graves are on top of a beautiful hill and it was very emotional..the grave stones are placed in the shape of a ships bow..Especially touching is the graves of the unknow children and the letters and pictures left there Then we went to the Citadel for the noon changing of the guard and shooting of the cannon. We travelel around HaLIFAX which is a very colorful college town with more pubs than anyplace else they say in Canada. They did have a beautiful garden,but it was struck by a storm a few years back. We also took a "duck type tour" but the one in Boston is far superior.. St, John. when you get off the ship the Lord Mayor will be there giving the women a rose, the men a tie tack and local crafts plus some sort of entertainment. There is a free shuttle to downtown where you can get a bus to see the Reversing Falls..and hopefully a new boat at the end of the landing to take you back to the tourist area..Stl John is an old laid back city now being bought up by Europeans.. where Halifax is very lively and young. There is a City Market up the hill, fun place. Ask the locals, but if you walk along the street back to the ship.. on the left hand side set back is an authentic lobster shack.. It seems there are three brothers in St. John and they own three different is really lobster in the rough..In Newport.. you can get off the ship.. they usually tender in.. and go to the tourist kiosk and you can buy a ticket to just take a tour of all the mansions (not stopping) and Newport or to stop and go..As for the mansions my favorite is the Rose???..after you have seen one.. they are all alike..although one of them has a show in the mansion and you become part of the show.. Also, you rent a car.. there are some wonderful little wineries in R.I... Now, for my favorite spot.. Boston, my home town.. I cannot say enough for the Duck Tour which I highly, highly recommend making reservations ahead of time,. You can pick it up at the Science Museum, I think at quincy Market or behind the Prudential Center.. Ooops. almost forgot Bar by accident found the most fabulous lobster shack..getting off the tender.. I think you would go to the right over the bridge.. and you go into this low building.. and at the end after the fried food there is a place you can pick out your lobsters.. hard or soft shell., one pound and up.. then you can add steamers and corn.. You go across the way upstairs to a patio and wait until your # is called. There is NOTHING AND I REPEAT nothing LIKE a lobstr or two from the cold waters of Maine... The cost at that time including iced coffee was $50.00 for the two of us.. and lobster prices are down now.. this is where the crews from the ships eat.. Anything else you want to know????
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