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I know the gentleman that took the picture.

These lists are made AFTER guests get off the no worries about anyone spitting in the soup or anything.

This particular list was of folks who elected to get off in Long Beach in the middle of this cruise. So these folks were already off the ship.

Why have a list?

As an accountant, it is understandable to me why. These cabin stewards and waiters know exactly how many guests they waited on. And I can assure you that they can calculate EXACTLY how much their tips for a particular cruise should be.

Carnival has to PROVE to these workers WHY their pay is not exactly the amount it should be. Carnival can't just hand them a paycheck for any amount they wish without a "detailed" listing of any shortages.

Posting it in public simply keeps Carnival from having to have 500 copies of the same information.

This list is posted after every cruise.

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