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Default laundry tips...

on my first cruise in 07, I tried wshing things at night in the sink and hanging them to dry, but they never dried properly - even after 2 days. So on the sea day, when they offered a bag of laundry for $15, I had it all cleaned and dried.

On my next cruise, I decided that I will wash the undies, socks and shirt that I wore that day before I get to sleep, let them hang to partially dry overnight, then in the morning, before I hit the shower, I'll put them in a laundry room dryer and set it for 30 minutes. Then I will head back to my cabin to take a shower and get dressed, quickly dry my hair and go get the dry clothes.

This seems like a good way to quickly get a few things washed, and dried with minimal time on my part.

I'm only travelling (flying to port) with one carry-on so for my 4-nighter, I'd like to only bring 3-4 tank tops to mix and match with my white and beige capri pants, also only 2 pairs of undies, 2 pairs of socks. And my formal night dress of course.

What tips do you have for doing laundry on board with minimal time, to minimize how many clothes you have to pack?

I'm cruising solo so it's just my small amount of stuff to clean/dry.
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