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Originally Posted by You
We just came off the Sydney to Auckland run of the Millenium where we ate in the Olympic Diningroom. The upcharge was $30.00 pp and in my opinion it was a steal! Outstanding service and menu. On your chit that you sign there is a space for an additional tip should you wish. I think we tipped an additional $30.

That meal which lasted over 3 hours would easily have cost me $200 on land so $30 is a no-brainer.
Ah, but just to be clear, you did not pay just $30 for the meal in the specialty restaurant. Rather, you paid $30 [i]plus the meal that you did not eat in the main dining room[i], for which you had already paid as part of your cruise fare. You may still think that it's a good deal, but be sure that you are basing that conclusion on what you really paid rather than solely on the surcharge!

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