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Originally Posted by briguy
what is the big deal of a checked bag anyway? You can pack a few more things and you dont have to worry about the laundry and all your planning you are putting into it. What a waste of vacation time in my opinion. Is your goal to have a good time or to win some sort of contest as to how little clothing you can bring? It appears you are putting so much effort into consolidating and washing things in your sink or timing your clothes drying that you wont have a good time. Forget all that stuff and check a small bag, put in extra clothing, forget laundry and have fun. Wearing the same clothing over and over and doing laundry is one boring vacation. Just my humble opinion for what its worth.
I don't like to check my luggage. there's really no NEED to pack more than a carry on per person, if it's done right. especially these days when it costs so much for direct flights, most people do one connection and that's all it takes for luggate to get lost. I think it's nuts to bring along more than one truly needs. again it's my personal opinion.
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