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Originally Posted by green_rd
The cargo hold of an airplane is neither heated or pressurized. I've transported wine but don't think I would try anything carbonated.
The cargo hold is definitely heated and pressurized. (Unless you're flying in an old DC-3) The pressure does change in the hold the same as it changes in the cabin. That's why your ears pop when the cabin is pressurized or depressurized. The main reason a carbonated beverage may explode is that it will be shaken during loading, transport and in flight. This shaking plus the lower overall pressure of the plane can cause the can to explode. I wouldn't transport any carbonated beverage unless you want cola soaked underwear and probably get some other people's suitcases covered with the stuff.

If cargo holds were not pressurized or heated everything would be frozen rock solid. It's -40F outside of a plane at 35,000 ft.

Many animals, plants and perishables are transported in the holds of commercial airplanes.

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