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Originally Posted by colorcrazie
Are you sure about the climate control? The reason I ask is the last time we moved and took our pets, the only airline that had a portion of cargo area climate controlled for animals was US Air. The others would not take pets or animals of any kind.

Absolutely: I verified it with my buddy who is an American Airlines pilot. While an airplane cargo hold may not have the same air circulation of the main cabin it is heated and pressurized. The main reason that many commercial airlines no longer accept pets is because of liability issues. If the pet becomes ill, dehydrated, injured or if the pet escapes its kennel the airline doesn't want the lawsuit. The cargo hold can become EXTREMELY hot if the plane sits on the tarmac.

All of the major airlines fly the same types of aircraft. There are no "special" requirements that USAir has in their cargo holds that any of the other airlines don't.

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