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Originally Posted by Thoth
Why not just add $70 to the cost upfront then say "NO TIPS EXPECTED" ?
The best of staff would still get a little extra on top of that. I think this whole tipping policy is muddled.
This is what the Sandals resort chain does, and personally, I love it. In fact, other than the butler staff, and the spa staff, if tips are accepted by staff, they can be fired. The tips are factored into the final cost of the vacation.

This way, everyone gets the same level of service, and the show-off at the end of the bar waving his $20 bill gets served when it's his turn. I say him, because I've never seen women do this.

However, at Sandals, if you wish to show your appreciation for someone who goes beyond the call of duty looking after your needs, you can fill out a form recognizing them, and submit it to management. Staff who receive many positive comments receive raises to their standard pay, prizes, and free stays for themselves and family at any Sandals or Beaches resorts in the chain. Or even promotions. Sandals will also pay tuition for staff wishing to improve themselves, especially where it's job related.
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