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The drive to the PCC is at least 90 minutes one-way, non-stop (for sight seeing, etc.). To see all of the PCC you should plan on arriving when it opens at noon and stay all day and evening (closes about 9:30 PM). At the very minimum you will want to see the main 2-hour show that starts at 7 PM.

The time needed to see the Arizona Memorial and other things at this Park is a crap-shoot depending on the size of the crowds. You should plan on at least 4-hours, maybe less, or maybe a lot more depending on the number of people and how interested you are in seeing everything available in the Park.

As you can see, timing to see both the PCC and the Arizona Memorial will be very difficult, at best. Having been to both places twice, personally I would never plan on trying to do both in one day. You will likely miss things at both places and be beat to death by bedtime.
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