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Originally Posted by Master Chief
To Brad813: Brad I think your thoughts about Carnival being in financial trouble are a bit premature. First of all nobody has said that the pins have actually been discontinued. It appears that for the short cruises they just don't offer them. I believe that all the other cruises give them out. I have always been given the pins with the invite to the past cruisesers' receptions. On a different note, I read where a cruise line saved over $40,000 a year by reducing the number of olives in a salad from 5 to 4. It seemed to be smart business not an indicator of financial troubles. Anyway, I do enjoy your posts. Keep them coming and hope you all have fair winds and following seas
I remember reading something similar about John D. Rockefeller: he saved into the hundreds of thousands of dollars by reducing the number of rivets going into something (not something important like an airplane wing!) At the time, I thought, how in the world did he figure that out....he was a math genius and he cared about saving money. Wish I would handle every dollar of mine that way.
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