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Default Alaska or Caribbean?

Alaska looks good.... just found a few cruises that go round trip from seattle or vanc & hit the hubbard glacier, or sawyer glacier, but not glacier bay... you have to do 2 one ways between vancouver & anchorage (seward) for GB that cost about $500 each with tax (+ tips. )
Caribbean on the other hand has snorkelling & other island pursuits... Southern Carib cruises leaving from San Juan, PR hit 6 islands in a week!....St. Thomas Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Kitts & back to san juan.
Barbados is almost as cheap to fly into & also has cheap round trip cruises ($300-500). Santo Domingo has perhaps the cheapest cruises but travels a bit farther to the islands.

I am hoping to fly into one of the above locations & do perhaps 2 cruises in July or August to make the most of my vacation time, with a few days of downtime in between to explore whatever island is the home base. I used to do extremely strenuous adventures like hiking the length of mountain chains in the states, europe, & australia. I enjoyed hitting the Great Barrier Reef, took the sailboat out of Cairns to it; wish I would have gone again on one of the other boats that has different reef parking.
I'm 48 & single; spent 5 years in Navy so familiar with ships & the Caribbean (seen St. Thomas & San Juan & GTMO, but not the torture). Just bought a lightweight set of split fins/snorkel set from Target. I use a motorscooter in Houston so will likely rent one to see some islands (as I wisht I woulda done in Cairns). I rented a bicycle on Cozumel, which broke down, but I saw the ruins & made it back anyway. What I would really rather do is take a lonely planet guide & island hop but it seems like it would be extremely expensive if it's even possible. I will buy you a snorkel/fins set if anyone wants to do the caribbean my way; otherwise, Alaska would be nice, especially the one ways (Vanco-Ancho) with some time to see Denali & Anchorage in between. sincerely, David of Houston
PS. Spent alot of time sharing hostels, mountain huts, motels & tents with women & never hit on em during the treks; sometimes regret always being the gentleman, but can't change my stripes/spots. Dudes also can apply if you like the itinerary.... will probly go for the inside cabin; will spend most waking hours exploring the ship anyway, seeing the shows, extremely light gambling (nickel slots etc...) & extremely lite drinking (only have 1-2 drinks/day.... 3 special occasions ). If don't go cruising, will probly kayak down some river stateside. sincerely, gingerbreadman (
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