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Originally Posted by briguy
Originally Posted by misguidedangel
The only ship I sense he was smoking something funny was when he designed the interior of the Valor. The ship is too American in decor--red, whit,e and blue everywhere. I am Canadian and it was way over the top. After a couple of days I got past it, but still it was too much...

As for most of the ships he has done, I think he is brilliant!!!

American themes are the best. As Canadians you should appreciate the US keeping your economy alive. You are also protected by our borders. Canada has lots of waterways. Maybe you would prefer the Maid of the Mist and leave the good ole' USA to us patriots.

Actually, our economy is not quite as deep in the toilet as yours. In fact, on a personal note, the Canadian arm of the American company I work for is providing the only positive financial numbers this year, and is surpassing our budget targets, while the American offices are 30-40% behind there own targets.

Our banking system is very stable, the Canadian dollar is going to be back at par by the fall because of weakness of American currency, housing starts are rebounding, and personal bankruptcies and mortgage foreclosures are way down.

No bailouts necessary in Canada except for the auto industry.

Unemployment is still up over last years numbers, but nowhere near what is was since the last market correction in the 1990's.

You should get your news from somewhere other than Fox, or CNN for a more balanced view of the world.
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